Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Let me ouuuuut!

I sure has been busy this week. I even missed my Serious Sundays two times!
Guess my momma isn't very good at helpin' me with me blog.
I keeps tellin' her... "I GOTS TA SAY DIS TO THE INTERNETS" and she always forgets'.
Such a silly hoomin.

I've been a bit cranky this last week, at least accordin' to my dad.
Mama says it's just cuz I'm gettin' to be a teenager... whatever that is.

I say it's cuz I want to go outside and play with my furiends... not be stuck insides with the silly humanz!

I've been playin' lots with my buddy Beau, but it's just not enough!
Mama says three walks a day is too many... I says she is WRONG.

I'm watchin' to see what other doggies gets to play outside. Probably everyone BUT me.


  1. Three walks? Wow, we only get two! You're lucky. But then, you're still growing, so you need lots of extra exercise.

  2. Yup, my momma isn't in school right now so she has lotsa time, and she makes my daddy take me on one too. I get to goes to the dog park lots and lots.