Friday, November 30, 2012

The Dragon Saga PT. 2

Okay Guyz, So when we left off I had just gotted my dragon, and peace was restored to da Kingdom!
(Yaaaay, Baaark bark bark, Yaaaaay!)

BUT, There was evil in da works. 
The very first time that the brave and handsome and super humble prince was
 practicing slayin' with his new dragon

Mama The Queen told the prince dat it was a SEAM that had BURST because da Dragon was too stuffed!
No Such thing I said, BUT, since the Queen was doin' surgery her got to choose, and so she destuffed my friend just a little bit...

Yes, that's how much Stuffing she pulled out of that dragon, and he is still stuffed a lot!
(she wouldn't let me eat any of the fluff either. :( )
Anyhow, after she pulled all of the ferocious dragon's guts out she sewed his leg back on...

The Noble Prince watching on in anticipation as his beloved dragon undergoes surgery, without any medicine either! (GASP!)
The Dragon, healed greets the Prince with as much affection as a dragon can, the prince happily looking towards his mama. 

He says "Thank you Mama, I will be more gentle with my dragon now."
And he means it, even taking his dragon to bed with him! How sweet...

It does not last for long. DUN DUN DUN

Stay Tuned for the Finale of this saga!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Dragon Saga. PT 1.

Once upon a time, dere was a super handsome, but very lonely puppy. 
He had a mama, and a papa who spent lots of time with him, and he was never alone for very long...
But he was still lonely because the brave (dis puppy is very brave too. I almost forgots) puppy
did not have a dragon toy (which is crucial to all puppies happiness) because
  DA EVIL QUEEN his mama threw it out!

(Oh yeah, I am the handsome brave puppy, who was very lonely.)
BUT THEN, one Day, A Peculiar piece of paper came in da mail!

Mama said that I couldn't chew it! Because we were going to has to use it to go pick up a magical item!
Oooooooooooooohh, A QUEST. 

Anyway, mama had to work. So Dad took me to go get it! It came in a BIG BOX. 
Dad didn't take any pictures of me opening it, but I'm pretty sure that I was super helpful.
I may have licked his face the whole time, and made it difficult to see. 
But I was excited okay? 

Mama Got me a New Dragon! (She says sorry that the picture is corrupted)

I thought it was a pretty good quest reward. 
So I was content to chew it, and Mom and Dad thought it would last me forever...


Stay Tuned Folks!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pizza Puffs

Hey internets! Guess what! 

My momma shared a pizza puff with me today, and it was SO GOOD.

She said she shared because I was so helpful with them, and I am such a good dog all the time, and I never ever rub myself all over the clean laundry/sheets/carpet/floor to make it smell like me. 

She was even smart enough to document me helping! After they were made. Trust me, I was RIGHT THERE the whole time to make sure she didn't drop anything onto the floor. Just into my mouth. Because the floor does not like pepperoni... it told me.

Here is me waiting for da puffs to be all baked up. I am only drooling a little big.

Mama put them on the counter, I am making sure none of them try to escape. If they did, I would catch them with my mouth.

Oh, there are the puffs, I am still waiting for them. Hurry up mom.

Oh, dat smells SO GOOD mama, put it in my mouth please!

What do you MEAN I has to WAIT for it mom! 
Fine, I will just ignore it. I can has patience.

But I don't has to like it. 

Alright guyz, here goes! 


Can I have another one, pretty please!?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

More Scarves!?

Hello Barkpals,
My mama is going knitting crazy! She has made SIX scarves, and I'm not
allowed to eat any of them! Da NERVE of her.

I am pretty handsome in it though. If only I were handsome enuff for a girlfriend. :(

today mama took me for a super dee-dooper long walk with her friend.
I got to walk off-leash and everything! It was great, we were in a provincial park deep in the woods, so I got to run and jump and play!
I did almost give mama a heart attack though when she discovered that I am a goat boxer dog!
I was just walkin' on da high path, and her and her friend were on da low path, I couldn't see dem behind me anymore, so when I looked down, and I saw dem, I just ran down da little cliff!
Mama says that she thought her heart stop because I was 25 feet up? But I'm okay!
She wouldn't let me do it anymore though. :(

After that she took me to grandma and grandpa's house, and grandma had made her a cake for her barkday! She turns 154 (in dog years) tomorrow, and she gotted a special Doctor Who cake!

Her knows how much I love Doctor Who so she let me have an itty bitty piece of it!
Her is such a nice mama. 

Happy Barkday Mama! I luff yew. 
Big Licks and Wiggles internet, 

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Hey guyz, I haven't been up to too much this past little while, just chillin' with my mama. Making sure she gets her exercise by taking her on lots of walks, and of course, LOTS of snuggling in bed. 
Dad has been leaving for work at 4:30 in the morning so I gets to have HALF OF DA BED! 
It's my favourite thing. AND, Mama doesn't ever work until 2 in da afternoon, and dad is home by then, so someone is ALWAYS HOME WITH ME. I get lots of snuggles and attention cuz dad misses mom, and mom misses dad, and we go on family walks when dey are both home!
Hoooo man, dis last month has been da best! I don't have very many picshurs because we hasn't been doing much.  So Here is a cute video dat mama said reminds her of me. I think the boxer in it is pretty cute, so I'm not mad. 

Seriously, Stig

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

No No No

My mama is goin' CRAZY lately! First she tried to gets rid of my dragon (Dad told her to let me keeps it till I get a new one.) And NOW she went and re-organized da house! 
She left my Kennel alone thank GOODNESS, cuz where else would I hides from da vacuum cleaner? 
Anyway, she got rid of my CHAIR. She has called it da ugly chair since day one, but ever since den I've sitted on it, and I claimed it as my very own. 

When I is hurt or I is sick, 
It are there for me. 


This is not nearly as comfortable. 

Seriously grumpy,