Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sum Fotos

So, dad didn't take any picshurs of me while we was camping, but he are SUPER sawwy, he says he will next summer when we goes.

When mama was in Spokane she boughted me a halloween costume, and she gots't me to model it fur her.

I'm a handsome devil, aren't I?

And of course, I've been surfin' da net, lookin for cool stuff to do this fall... mama says der is a puppy craft comin' up soon. I'm excited!

And den, of course I has been relaxin' lots and lots while my mama and dad are bein' busy. 

Mama has more photos on her phone, but says dat I has other posts to write afore she can lets me use dem!

(I can't wait for crafts!)

Has a good night guyz!

Seriously Slacking

Mama and Dad are sooooo lazy, I keeps tellin' dem to post buts they never do!

Dey keep saying that dey will, but then mama went to Spokane, and I went camping with my dad,
and den THERE'S NO TIME. Silly humans, I has time all day. I sleeps, and I eats and I go for walks.

So, my mama was gettin' ready to put all her pictures on her computer and she went to grab the cord for her camera... and maybe I had decided it was a snack...

So, mama is workin' on getting her pictures on her computer and will do a GIANT post of all de stuff I missed out on.

Seriously sorry,

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Serious Sunday: Seriously Sick

Hello everybuddy,
Since I has been sick for dese past few weeks I figure I should warn everybuddy of what can happens when you are sick... It is very important to be awares!

1. Sometimes when your sick you get to snuggle extra close to your daddy

2. You might get some extra treats if your mama (especially if your mama) feels guilty about having left you alone for a WHOLE WEEK
(I gots to have peanut butter every day!)

But I fink dat even wif dese symptoms it are super important dat you don't get sick! (OR FLEAS) Mama wouldn't take me out to pway wif my friends when I was sick, and I wasn't even allowed to say hi to my best buddy Beau when I had fleas. :(

I did gets to play with him yesterday do' so it's all good.

Have a happy Sunday!