Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Let me ouuuuut!

I sure has been busy this week. I even missed my Serious Sundays two times!
Guess my momma isn't very good at helpin' me with me blog.
I keeps tellin' her... "I GOTS TA SAY DIS TO THE INTERNETS" and she always forgets'.
Such a silly hoomin.

I've been a bit cranky this last week, at least accordin' to my dad.
Mama says it's just cuz I'm gettin' to be a teenager... whatever that is.

I say it's cuz I want to go outside and play with my furiends... not be stuck insides with the silly humanz!

I've been playin' lots with my buddy Beau, but it's just not enough!
Mama says three walks a day is too many... I says she is WRONG.

I'm watchin' to see what other doggies gets to play outside. Probably everyone BUT me.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Busy busy busy

This past week has been super busy for my mamma and my dad.
I've been busy too, playing with my new Best Buddy Beau!
He came over when I was helping my mamma paint the living room.
Silly boy got all covered in paint!

Anyways, his mamma took pictures of us while we was takin' a break,
I think that we're pretty cute!

Paintin' is thirsty work fur sure.

Please to be ignorin' how big my tongue is. Mamma makes fun of me for it sometimes.

Thanks again to Beau's mamma for lettin' us use her picshurs!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Three Strikes, I'm out

So momma has been leaving me out for almost 2 weeks now.
And I've been behavin' just perfect.
Till Tuesday. It was valentines day and I gots so excited that I helped mom get rid of some junk!
Wii Controllers, DVD's, even one of Dad's figurines and a drumstick!
I'm such a good boxer.

Momma didn't think so.
Momma said that if I did it again then I'd have to go in my kennel during the day.

Then, on Wednesday I was SO HAPPY that momma had got me a nice new bed, that I had to bring everything onto it to show it all how nice it is...
then the other boxer made a HUGE MESS OF EVERYTHING.

Mom thinks it was me.
I didn't do most... any of that...

Momma thought maybe I was just actin' out cuz I was bored cuz dad's been slackin' on my walks, I need both of them or I get kinda crazy! Momma has been takin' me on my morning walkz but dad hasn't been for TWO WEEKS.

Then today, I got all excited cuz I found a new wire that dad left out and I DESTROYED THAT SCARY WIRE REAL GOOD. and mamma says that tomorrow I have to be back in my kennel until I get older. :(

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Serious Sunday #1

Stig PSA #1
(dis my serious face)

My Hoomans don't know that Boxers, (especially the puppies) need LOTS of LOVE

Hoomans need to be aware the Boxers need to be on you ALL OF THE TIME (that they aren't playing or pooping)
Your puppy can STARVE for attention if you are only cuddling him for 8 or 9 hours a day!

If you are a Boxer owner, you need to rectify this! Boxers need at LEAST 16 HOURS of cuddles PER day.

Some Examples Nao.

These are not good enough cuddles.

Pictures of Good Cuddles are on Momma's "Other" puter. Slacker. She says she'll fix my PSA later.

Seriously, Stig.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Is this good nuff mom?

My momma is sick today. Dad says it's because of "Ger-muz" that she gets from workin' with little childrens.
I'll have to stay close to her and make sure that Ger-muz stay away from my momma!

I think I'm sittin' close enough to scare those mean Ger-muz away.
Momma's tummy is comfy though, hope I don't fall asleep on her!

Guardian Stig

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mornings are Ruff!

Mom says my puns are really bad, but I think they're funny... I"m just a puppy after all.
Anyway, my mom woke me up by taking my picture today because she was laughing at me for being even worse than she is for waking up!

Today I get to have free run of the house for the whole day she's at school at the college and Dad is at work...
I'm excited.
Hopefully I remember to the other boxer remembers to leave all of mom's shoes alone... I"ll have to watch out for him.

I better sleep some more before I have to be on my guard the whole day.

Sniffin' and a Snortin

My momma came home from work last night all EXCITED because she got her fancy pictures back with me in them from a few months ago.

I think that I look pretty adorable in them.
I'm a lot bigger now, but I'm still pretty handsome!

Mom and Dad aren't too bad either I suppose.
(Don't tell them I said that it'll go to their heads!)

What do you think internet, am I cute enough for ya?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hey Interwebs, I'm here!

Hi internet!
I'm Stig, I am a very intelligent boxer, and I certainly don't ever cause trouble.

It's probably the other boxer that lives here (mom and dad don't believe me though)

I like Dr.Pepper and Doritos (even though I'm not supposed to have them, the other boxer sneaks them to me)

I'm just little, I'm 8 months old, but I look like I'm 6 months old.

My mom and dad and I live in our Condo in Canada.

Aren't I cute?