Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fezzes are cool now...

Stiggy Here,
Geronimo! I are super excited a'cuz on Saturday night I gets to watch Doctor Whoooo with my momma and my daddy! We has been waitin' for dis episode for soooo long!

Mama loves da 9f and 10f doctors, but I gots to say dat 11 is my favourite! He's da coolest because he makes silly faces and is a really good friend and is always dere for his friends, JUST LIKE A BOXER. *sigh*

So I told mama to makes me a fez! Just like he weared in the show! It was pretty cool!

I also gots to wear a bowtie, but not at the same times...

Dere pretty cool huh!? 

I fink my cosplay makes me look JUST LIKE Matt Smith (He is the actor who pways 11)

Whatchu guys think? 

I fink we look a lot alike. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Seriously Scratchy

Momma told me that this just hasn't been my week, Furst I gotsed a sinus infection. (Dats what happens when yew sniff dirt mama says), then, I was trying to make friends with a wasp (and protect my mama) and HE STUNGED ME, and den I started gettin' what mama thought was a rash...

Turns out I gots fleas! Which is strange, cuz in dee Ok-A-NA-gun where we lives dere aren't any. So mama thinks I musta gotsd dem from da kennel.

Mama is not happy. She sayz she has to cleanz da whole house nao frum TOP to BOTTOM and washes everything.

At least she aren't mad at me. :)
She are just happy I'm healthy. I gots a puffy face, and bites all over my tummy, but I can breathe, and I like to play. So I'm doin' A-OK

Anyhoo, I'm off to go scratch sum moar, I'll have good news soon I'm sure!

Seriously Scratchy,

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

An Update on Sir Stig

Stig is feeling much better after starting his medication this morning.

It turns out that he managed to get a piece of dirt or some other debris stuck up his nose which resulted in a sinus infection which made him a sick looking, sleepy puppy.
He was also put on a pro-biotic for his diarrhea because the vet thinks that he ate something that caused him to be imbalanced, or his distress at being left in the kennel severely upset his system.

This afternoon he has been acting much more like his pre-kennel self, and was more wiggly than he has been since we brought him home.

We're sure he'll be back to posting soon.
Love, Stigs mama and daddy.

Stig Snugglin' with Mama

Monday, August 20, 2012

Something Suspicious

Stig is being taken to the vet tomorrow morning by my husband because during his weeklong stay at the kennel he managed to lose 5 pounds, and has had diarrhea for the last 36 hours, as well as continuous discharge from his nose and his eyes.
He is eating almost double of what he normally does, and none of it seems to be staying with him. As of yet, he isn't vomitting, or seizing. But we are fairly certain that he has distemper, or some other virus and would like it cleared up as soon as possible so that we can have our bouncing boxer boy back to his normal self.

So, Stig likely will not be posting for a few days while he rests, but by the looks of him he had lots of adventures at the kennel.

Stigs Mama.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Seriously Snoring

For dis weeks Serious Sunday, I'm BEAT.

My gramma picked me up from the kennel, and I was so dirty and stinky that my mama gave me a bath as soon as I got home. :(

It's pretty important for puppies to get dere sleep, so I'm gonna be a good pups and go to bed.

I'll share all de juicy deets from my Vay-Cation later this week.

Stig. (A.K.A. those snores that you hear)

(Pee Ess, I'm not grumpy, Mama woked me up to take dis picture (it was an accident))

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Oh hai guyz.
I toldz mamma to posts this a few dayz after I went on Vay-cation because I didn't want you to miss me too much.
I has gone away to a Ken-nel for a while because momma and daddy are goins on a HONEY-moon, (They better not roo-rooooo at it, cuz dey always tell me to shush) but anywayz, I wanted to show yew guyz who I gots to meet!

She are my bestest auntie ever, gramma and grampa's daaaughterrrr, Askyr (Go ahead, ask her her name... bark bark bark)

Ain't she purty? She are only 7 munfs old, and she got t stay with me for TWO days afore the weddin'

Momma and dad told me to add this (I fink dere silly) 
"We had to put Stig in a kennel during our wedding because he wasn't allowed on the grounds, and it was a 3 hour drive from our home. With all of our loved ones with us there was no one available to let him out and we decided that it wasn't fair to him to stay locked up all day, so he went on his "Vay Cation" a few days earlier than we intend to leave."

Aren't dey silly? Anyway, I'm sure dat I'll have more news from my adventures in da Kennel, See yew next weekend! Loves Stiggy.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thanks Yew!

My momma and my daddy told me to come on here and say thank you for all dee love.

They're very excited to check out everybody's blog, and will do so after dey gets back from dere wedding!

Speshal thanks and licks go to Maggie Mae and Max, we're super duper excited to has friends in the bloggiesphere!



Sunday, August 5, 2012

Serious Sundays: Childrenz

My momma werks wif childrens all de time as a NaNNy, which means she spends all day running and playin' and workin hard to keeps childrens safe. Dis week we had FOUR of dese leetle childrenz in MY house, and I was a very good boy. I got a little bit frustrated at the ends of de day when dee toddler wouldn't leaves me alone, but momma gave me my space and I gots to relax a bit. Dis Sunday we gots to talk about how important it is to keep dese childrens safe. After all, dey gives us LOTS of treats, (especially when my momma ain't looking.) So here are some pictures to show you What you should be doin' to be takin' care of dese special little treat machines...
Hopes you all has a relaxin Sunday. Seriously, Stig

Friday, August 3, 2012

Uh Oh! Busted!

I finks I may has gottens in trouble. Mommy and Daddy left me out of my kennel ALLLL DAY! I had so much fun runnen and playen but mommy and daddy were not happy wiff me when they came home. I don't know why though, all I did was play.... and possibly get hungrz and eat some stuff... BUT IT'S NOT MY FAULT! I didnts have enough foods and the other boxer told me to do it (Mom and Dad still don't believe me though).
LOOK AT DAT FACE! How could such a innocent boxer face do something like this? But do Mommy and Daddy believe me? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
I evens tried to use Mommies magik treat card to fix things...... but I thinks I made it worst...
And then when nuttin else couldn't go wrong I SAW A MOUSEZ!! AND IT RAN INTO THE COUCH! So I dugs and dugs trying to get it cuz I knows Mommy and Daddy hates the micez, but it got away!

So now Im in troubles, and daddy was even threatnin to not let me post!! HOW COULD HE EVEN THINKS THAT!! But in the end my BEUTIFUL face won him overs. So rememberz everyone, don't eatz the humanz stuffs.

Paws, Stig.