Friday, August 3, 2012

Uh Oh! Busted!

I finks I may has gottens in trouble. Mommy and Daddy left me out of my kennel ALLLL DAY! I had so much fun runnen and playen but mommy and daddy were not happy wiff me when they came home. I don't know why though, all I did was play.... and possibly get hungrz and eat some stuff... BUT IT'S NOT MY FAULT! I didnts have enough foods and the other boxer told me to do it (Mom and Dad still don't believe me though).
LOOK AT DAT FACE! How could such a innocent boxer face do something like this? But do Mommy and Daddy believe me? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
I evens tried to use Mommies magik treat card to fix things...... but I thinks I made it worst...
And then when nuttin else couldn't go wrong I SAW A MOUSEZ!! AND IT RAN INTO THE COUCH! So I dugs and dugs trying to get it cuz I knows Mommy and Daddy hates the micez, but it got away!

So now Im in troubles, and daddy was even threatnin to not let me post!! HOW COULD HE EVEN THINKS THAT!! But in the end my BEUTIFUL face won him overs. So rememberz everyone, don't eatz the humanz stuffs.

Paws, Stig.


  1. The nerve of them! You're left alone and hungry all day but you still try to protect them from hungry vermin, and they get MAD at you?!

  2. Stig,

    Dude, you really know how to have a good time my furiend. ;)

    Your Buddy,

  3. Hey Stig,

    Just wanted to let you know dat Maggie Mae and I thinks you sure is a fun guy and we wants to let all of our furiends know about you so if it okie dokie wif you we would like to feature you in an upcoming blog post, let me know...'k?
    Send a p-mail to

    Your Buddy,

  4. RuhRho.........
    Hey dude, take it from me, better not chew up da humans stuffs, dey might put you in time outs or take away you tweat monnies!!
    But Gesssssssh, you had to go after dat Vermin!! Next time just call me and I will send Chloe and Cecil ( the furballs who live at my house) and they can do your dirty work!
    You new furiend,

  5. Bad Luck Stig! Nice to find your blog..sorry that you are in trouble..easier if there is a cat around to point the paw at..i suggest you lie low for a few days buddy!!!xxxxxxxx