Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Busy busy busy

This past week has been super busy for my mamma and my dad.
I've been busy too, playing with my new Best Buddy Beau!
He came over when I was helping my mamma paint the living room.
Silly boy got all covered in paint!

Anyways, his mamma took pictures of us while we was takin' a break,
I think that we're pretty cute!

Paintin' is thirsty work fur sure.

Please to be ignorin' how big my tongue is. Mamma makes fun of me for it sometimes.

Thanks again to Beau's mamma for lettin' us use her picshurs!


  1. Don't let anybody make fun of that pawsome tongue! It's a boxer tongue!

  2. Tanks, I likes it. Is really good fur givin' kisses.