Thursday, February 16, 2012

Three Strikes, I'm out

So momma has been leaving me out for almost 2 weeks now.
And I've been behavin' just perfect.
Till Tuesday. It was valentines day and I gots so excited that I helped mom get rid of some junk!
Wii Controllers, DVD's, even one of Dad's figurines and a drumstick!
I'm such a good boxer.

Momma didn't think so.
Momma said that if I did it again then I'd have to go in my kennel during the day.

Then, on Wednesday I was SO HAPPY that momma had got me a nice new bed, that I had to bring everything onto it to show it all how nice it is...
then the other boxer made a HUGE MESS OF EVERYTHING.

Mom thinks it was me.
I didn't do most... any of that...

Momma thought maybe I was just actin' out cuz I was bored cuz dad's been slackin' on my walks, I need both of them or I get kinda crazy! Momma has been takin' me on my morning walkz but dad hasn't been for TWO WEEKS.

Then today, I got all excited cuz I found a new wire that dad left out and I DESTROYED THAT SCARY WIRE REAL GOOD. and mamma says that tomorrow I have to be back in my kennel until I get older. :(

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