Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Me and my mama got into a car accident today on the way home from the dog park.
Some meany-pants rear ended us... that means he sniffed our cars' butt with his cars' nose. What a silly face.
Mama is okay, but she says that I has a con-cuzion.
I don't know wut that means, but she's been giving me lots of treats.
Makes up for her not lettin' me have naps!

I was gonna post some pictures of me helpin' my momma garden, but I'm too tired after
everything that happened today... I EVEN HAD TO GO TO THE VET.
-yawn- I hope mama lets me sleeps soon... how longs is 24 hours?



  1. Oh my Dog, Stig, I hope you feel better soon! That sounds very scary. I'm glad your mama is okay.

  2. I'm glad she's okay too, I've been sittin' next to her and won't go near anybody else. I's scared, and I'm keepin hers safe.

  3. OoH NO!! I hopes you is feeling better today. We is sendin' boxer puppy prayers to you both.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae