Monday, March 19, 2012

Out and About

Mama and I made potatoes last week!
Mama cut them up, and I helped by watchin' her to makes sure she didn't chop herself.

I like to help my Mama clean the floors off when she drops the foods she is choppin' it helps keep my growin' puppy belly full.
I'm sure that Mama 'preciates me cleaning the floors wif all my drools.

I gots ta put my paws on everything, it's only cuz I likes to help tho!

Mama sayd that it might be nice to do stuff on the floor wifout me helpin', But I sayz then she shouldn'ta got such a helpful dog.
Dad doesn't sit on the floor and let me help him with anyfing! Mama says he's smart, but I sayz he's mean.
I likes to help. 'Specially in the garden, but mama yells at me when I stick my nose in the carrots or lettuce and the strawberries.
Silly human doesn't think that I needs to check to sees if dere done, my paws are special, I dig with them and if they done, I gets carrots? See, special.

Anyhoo, I'll post more soon- we've been busy.



  1. Fanks! I can't wait till mama isn't looking to help her dig up all the taters we planted!