Friday, April 6, 2012

Tuff Times Fer Stiggy

This last week my mama has been really sick with a F-LU. It seems like it's pretty mean, so she hasn't been walking me much. I've been pretty bor-ed in the house but I hasn't destroyed anyfing and mama sayz she's rul proud of me.
I hasnt hadz the time tho' I'z been busy snugglin her and tellin' that nasty F-LU to goez away.

Daddy was walkin' me but then he wentz bowlin' wif his frienz on Wenzday and hurtz his back! What'm I gonna do wif dese humanz of mine! My silly daddy can't move, mama is sick in BED, I keeps tellin' her to go to the VET but she ain't listenin' to me.

She hasn't even watered her plants! I broughted her one to show her how ded it was but she just told me to drop it and go lie down. :(

Anywayz whenever they is up they lets me play wif my friends Mitchel and Beau, but it's not quites the same as some mama/puppy walkin' time... or even da same as daddy/Stiggy walkin' time.

Here's some pictures of me playin' when dey waz betterz. Sorry bout how little I am in dem. I was just a wittle ankle-biter... but a cyoot one at that.

I'm off to go take care of my humanz, Talk to you soon internetz.

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  1. It's hard when your humans are sick and you have to take care of them. But I bet your humans will make it up to you when they're feeling better. Mine always does!