Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Bunny is Serious Business

So, my mama was sick on Sunday and didn't go see grandma and grandpa with dad, which is okie dokie cuz I wanted her to get better. And I had to go see my Uncle Dax and bug him. (No pictures sorry - dad always forgets da camera) and while we was there
dad and his brudder and his brudders girlfriend all went looking for "EaSTerrrr eggzz" that the EaSTerrr Rabbit brought to der house.

Uncle Dax told me that it happens every year, and that it's just Kirk's momma puttin' out candy for her pupz, but I think he is wrong. All the humanz seemed pret-ty convinced that there is a bunny hoppin' around leaving presents.
When I got home, I had treats in a little plastic egg. And Momma had something for me from this rabbit too! A new stuffed animal
and an actual egg that was coloured up really pretty and cooked up so that it wasn't all liquidy on the insidez. I tore the head right off that animal because I don't like strangers in my house around my momma! Especially when she's sick.

So I'm warnin' yew guyz. There's a bunny hoppin' around, goin' near peoples' mamma's and leavin' treats around the ground!

I'm gonna watch for him and when I seez him next. I'm gunna have words.
(The cooked egg was pretty yummy though.)


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