Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Hullo furiends. 
Today, I has some sad news. 
My mama is throwin' out my dragon toy! I have had it since I was a leetle baby puppy. It was my first toy and my mama brought it when she came to get me from the airport on my gotcha day!

It was da first toy that I played with when I got back to da house to lives with momma and dad. I was so adorable when I played with it. (My mama says so!)

But now, today, she is throwing it out! I have had it for more dan a year! 
Dis is what it looked like when I got it on it's gotcha day!

You ready to see what it looks like now? I swear I has taken GREAT Care of it! I have not thrown it in the air, or ripped out it's squeaker or torn it's wings off or anything. 
See? Looks pretty good still, no?

Oh? You can see dat "gaping black hole"? I dunno what you're talkin' about.

Oh, okay mom, now I sees what you're talkin' about. But maybe if you'd have held it nicer It would look better.

Bye Bye Baby Dragon toy!

(Don't worry though guyz, mama bought me a new dragon, it's just being MAILED to me.) I'll have a big reveal then, I promise.



  1. Can't believe she's throwing that out!!! There's still plenty of chew left in it. We think you should keep that one AND get the new one.

    We still have the blue bug Bella came with three years ago...of course it's been buried for most of that time, but we still have it.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  2. Can't she take it to the stuffie hospital?

  3. RIP dragon toy. Have a happy Halloween Stig.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. How can she throw that out?! It just needs a little TLC. You don't abandon good toys like that. RIP, poor Dragon.

  5. Oh fur da love of dogs, I still not knows why hers throwin' it out. I personally thinks you has carefully added a great deal of character to da dragon...hehehe.


  6. We let Monty keep his flat animals. BOL - at least there is nothing left to de-stuff!