Saturday, July 28, 2012


Sorry internets! My momma and my daddy have been super busy, and extra lazy and haven't letst me post any new blogz!

Dey keep tellin' me dat der plannin a "weddering"... I don't knows what that is. I get to stay in a BEEOOOTIFUL place filled with other dogs, and I get to sleepover for a WHOLE WEEK!

Dey say dat things r slowing down now, and dat I can haz my blog again. I have lots of aventures to tell you ALL ABOUT! I's been a busy boy, and haven't even gotted into too many troubles!

Here is some pictures of me bein' cute to help makes you feel better. :)

Relaxin' in the BEOOTIFUL sunshine, on my comfy chair.

Tryin' to escapes the heat and layin' on da floor.

Tryin' to convince mama that I are handsome enoughs to comes to the wedderin! (Mama saids I is, but dat da peeeeple at da park would gets angry, I don't likes angrry peeples.)

Lovers, Le Stig. (I speeks french now.)

Pee Ess, My daddy wants to help me wif my blog, and my Mama saids it was okay! So we's gonna be postin' LOTSA stuff!

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  1. Ooh, sleepovers are lots of fun! I bet you'll make all sorts of new friends and come back too tired to lift your head. :D